Mad Scientists


These two crazy scientists will have your birthday child and their guests, squealing with laughter!

The Mad Scientists Frank and Shelly are not just scientists but a comedy duo and encourage your guests to help them save the world from destruction.

They demonstrate experiments, take the children on a journey of exploration and get everyone involved in their crazy master plan. Your birthday girls and boys are the main characters, the heroes and heroines in this problem-solving drama.

To save the day the children have to learn a dance routine to create energy to save the world!

All we need from you when you book is your child’s favourite current song.

The personal touch: Footlights hosts will help set up and clear away at your venue so you can have a stress free experience.

Age suitability: 7 – 12 years (tailored to your child’s age group)
Gender: Boys and girls
Time: 2 hours includes set up and exit
Cost: £175, only available as a two host party.
Guest list: Up to 25 guests.


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