Pirate and Princess


This brother and sister duo were separated when their ship capsized. The princess was captured by a witch, who stole her voice and locked her in a tower. Meanwhile, on the wild seas, the prince was forced to be a cabin boy on a pirate ship; he lived very unhappily and longed for his sister.

This imaginative party unlock the creativity of your child and their guests as they embark on a treasure hunt, with each clue completed brings them nearer to the princess. Through exciting tasks the cabin boy and your guests have to complete, they rescue his sister and she gets her voice back.

A great party for mixed genders. Parents and carers are welcome back for the unveiling of the princess. Free tiaras or pirate hat for every guest.

The personal touch: Footlights hosts will help set up and clear away at your venue so you can have a stress free experience.

Age suitability: 5 – 12 years (tailored to your child’s age group)
Gender: Boys and girls
Time: 2 hours includes set up and exit
Cost: £175, only available as a two host party, hosts will come dressed as the Pirate and the Princess.
Guest list: Up to 25 guests.


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