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Fee Fi Fo Fum
To your school Footlights will come
To entertain and please each child
With fun and songs in panto style!

For a poor boy and his mother, selling the family cow is the last resort, so when Jack returns home from market with five beans instead of money, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. How on earth are they going to live now? But wait, those beans are magic, and in the morning they wake to a beanstalk that reaches to the sky!
Join Jack on the adventure of a lifetime as he climbs the beanstalk, reclaims the treasure that has been stolen, and battles the giant to save his village.

We loved the production of Cinderella the girls were fantastic! The children were all really engaged. At one point one of our children ran on stage and the ladies just included him which was brilliant. I have had lots of staff come and say how good it was this year and how much the children in their class enjoyed it so a big a thank you!

We feel it is great value for money and we would definitely recommend you.

We look forward to next years production 🙂

Collette Gibbons

Spring Wood Primary

We certainly did enjoy the pantomine; it was great fun and the children loved it.

We would recommend you to other schools, of course.

Elaine Darwin

Irlam Primary School

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All the children were also asked to join in with various points which was fab! As well as teacher participation!
The modern twist was fabulous.

Sarah Doyle

Old Trafford Community School

The play was good value for money; the children were engaged and really enjoyed it – good quality all round! Would love to book a date for the Christmas Panto 2018!

Anthony Dutton

Wellfield Junior School