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Monday 8 July 3pm & 7.30pm 


Is Trying Enough? is an original play written and directed by Melissa Hale. The piece follows three siblings – Jay, Lou and Tommy – on their relationships, experiences and conflicts. The snippet of life focuses on issues surrounding grief, financial hardship, suicide and family dysfunction. Is Trying Enough? was first performed at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in January 2019. After a successful two runs, LIPA’s founding principle and creator of BRIT School Mark Fetherstone-Witty OBE stated “if you want to be gripped, as I was, by a slice of life, do go. Created by one of our students, it felt real – an outstanding achievement”.

Farewell Theatre Company
Friday & Saturday 12 & 13 July, 7.30pm


Join us in witnessing the demise of one of the most genuinely misunderstood post-war subcultures, the Skinhead! Boots ‘n’ Braces follows the journey of three young Skins, discovering themselves through: music, fashion and football. Though through the rise of the National Front, this isn’t as easy as they first thought. This original piece by Farewell Theatre Company will leave you thinking about your preconceptions of Skinheads; were you too quick to judge? Join us in our post show discussion to tell us your thoughts and opinions.


10 July, 2pm & 7pm  BOOK NOW

Close is a total theatre, post Brexit, tale of morality that tells the story of an everyday couple, as they argue about what’s for dinner or what film to watch. As the World around them slides into madness, their mundane life slowly descends into irritation, paranoia and a desire to assert control on an uncontrollable environment

Elegy present HOLY LAND  Tues 16 – Fri 19 July, 8pm  BOOK NOW

The writer was shortlisted for The Royal Court Introductory Writers Group 2018. 

“You wanna film me Timmy?
You wanna film me now?
You ever do anything again,
And I will follow you to the end of the world.
Like a ghost.
Like your dead ancestors.
The world is on fire.”

Jon has just lost his daughter.
Tim can’t leave his office.

Jon has bought a gun.
Tim still can’t leave his office.
Not yet.

Kate is just trying to get through the day.

One drop of sweat.
One little squeeze.
One drop of blood.
One little bullet.

Three stories of online escapism and revolt interweave in this new show from Elegy. Fusing multimedia, vivid new writing and spoken word; Holy Land is an excavation of the dark side of the internet and human nature.

Who is really accountable for what happens-
How little control do we have-
And how much of it can we take?


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Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 July, 7.30pm  BOOK NOW
Dom Mackie may only be 21 years old, but he has made many stupid decisions in his life. From how he got onto a BBC One game show to his awkward first date, Dom can prove in his highly successful show that (like his comedy career) we all make POOR LIFE CHOICES.

“Has great potential” – Mark Watson.
“Like a defibrilator who brings life into the crowd!” – 5* Audience Review.


Weds 18 – Fri 20 July 6pm   BOOK NOW

What the hell do you write when you’re writing about yourself? I’m 22, I’m too young for a memoir. It was in this screaming moment that it twigged: “Everyone is allowed to lose their mind JUST ONCE, and it’s okay” The brain’s complexities are magical; its capabilities, extraordinary. But what happens when it all goes wrong, and just how wrong can it go? My life living with Epilepsy has led me down some strange, dark and amusing paths. The Ancient Greeks, fruit and veg aisles and an enthusiastic actor have joined me on this adventure down a seemingly endless hole. Things are tough, complicated, baffling, frustrating and nonsensical. It gets even more confusing when things start to get funny! I’m opening myself up, laying all cards on the table. Come have a chat and meet me: The Fittest Guy On The Street!

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Our unique and custom-built theatre spaced, housed in an old industrial unit, can stage a wide range of performances including dramas, musicals, plays, graduate shows, showcases, one woman /man shows, comedy gigs, awards ceremony’s, casting suite, birthday parties, company away-days, training sessions, rehearsals…and more!


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Recently we welcomed ‘Into The Woods’ by Manchester University, a sold out comedy night and two fringe shows (one of which debuted in New York), Jim Cartwright’s Studio actors, Liverpool Theatre School Showcase, The Arden, Kenan Ali’s Stage Combat and throughout July 2018 we’ve hosted performances as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.


  • 1 Spacious theatre – 15 meters wide – 7 metres deep
  • Seating for 140 people
  • Bar areas
  • 1 x Rehearsal Room/Dressing Room
  • Toilets/kitchen area
  • Yoga/Dance Studio

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Our venue is only a short 8 minutes walk to the main Media City piazza, where you will find the Northern HQ’s of ITV, BBC, plus Salford University, and big selection of great bars and restaurants.

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